“Sky Pilot” is a 1968 song by Eric Burdon & The Animals, released on the album The Twain Shall Meet. When released as a single the song was split across both sides, due to its length (7:27). As “Sky Pilot (Parts 1 & 2)” it reached number 14 on the U.S. pop charts and number 15 on the Canadian RPM chart.The Sky Pilot of the title is a military chaplain, as revealed by the opening verse:
He blesses the boys, As they stand in line…The smell of gun grease… And the bayonets they shine…He’s there to help them…All that he canTo make them… feel wanted…He’s a good holy man

The line-up includes Eric Burdon on lead vocals, Vic Briggs on guitar, John Weider on guitar and electric violin, Danny McCulloch on bass guitar, and Barry Jenkins on drums.

The song is a balladic slice of life story about a chaplain who blesses a body of troops just before they set out on an overnight raid or patrol, and then retires to await their return.
“Sky Pilot” is organized into three movements: an introduction, a programmatic interlude, and a conclusion.
The introduction begins with the verse quoted above, sung a cappella and solo by Eric Burdon. Thereafter the band joins in with instruments for the chorus. Several verse-chorus iterations follow, leaving the story with the “boys” gone to battle and the Sky Pilot retired to his bed. The verses are musically lean, dominated by the vocal and a pulsing bass guitar, with a strummed acoustic guitar and drum mixed in quietly.
The interlude starts as a guitar solo, but the guitar is quickly submerged under a montage of battle sounds.

First come the sounds of an airstrike; then the airstrike and rock band fade into the sounds of shouting, gunfire, and bagpipes. Near the end of the interlude the battle sounds fade, briefly leaving the bagpipes playing alone before the third movement begins. The bagpipe music is a covert recording of the pipers of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards playing “All The Bluebonnets Are Over The Border”, captured by Burdon while performing at a school.

He received an angry letter from the UK government (or possibly the Crown) over his use of the recording in the song. 

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Hi I’m Sherry Carroll and it’s a pleasure to be read by you, I hope you’re enjoying half as much as I am. I have wanting to do one of these for ages and this is my first so you will have to bear with me. Bear with me? WHERE? Oh sorry I got distracted for a minute there. I’m just your average American mild mannered suburban Maryland housewife (with a secret identity) who always grew up writing poems to her at and elaborate Barbie doll melodramas, but it wasn’t until fairly recently I discovered, yes, it was true. I was a writer. God help me. This is what look like in real life

Me now

Then I take of my glasses ….

And voila! Somehow on the internet I look like this! Ain’t makeup and technology grand!

Me Sultry

I write obsessively from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep.

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When I spent the night with Axl  I couldn’t  have cared  less about Rock and Roll. I didn’t even listen to the radio anymore so I had no clue who he or his band was. I was too busy. i was just married,had a 14 month old, my business to run, a day care center with 12 kids in a huge house, on two acres way out in the country. and I didn’t know it yet but I was 11 weeks pregnant .But Aerosmith was coming to town and I had felt trapped and overworked and wanted to see all my old friends in the band and crew, party hard, have some fun!

So my best friend and I headed out to the gig about 7pm. No need to arrive early. We knew everybody. There was no doubt we would breeze backstage.  I neither knew nor cared who the warm- band was.  I know, I KNOW!  Don’t just sit there with your mouth hanging open like you are trying to catch flies.  Looking back now it’s completely ridiculous!  That anyone on the planet had never heard of Guns N Roses Or Axl Rose then. But I didn’t have time for music. Well, truthfully I had chosen to ignore it since I got married. I didn’t want reminders of the  men who made music and the fun I was missing out on since I became  a responsible, respectable woman. So I paid no attention to rock and roll at all. But missing  Aerosmith was not an option, We went so far back with them it wasn’t hard for her to persuade me to go to the show with her. But, oh boy did I regret it! At first.

When we got there we realized the entire  hard rocking, wild partying  Aerosmith crew we knew and loved  were replaced and the band were straight out of rehab.  So there we stood,  in the freezing cold outside the backstage door. Or at least I did.  My ” best friend” grabbed a union guy who liked her blonde hair and  long legs and said he would walk her in so she threw me her car keys and  backpack with a change of clothes (a concert essential for the” walk of shame”home on the morning after ) and as always, without saying,  since we first met in 77 the plan was to be she would return in minutes with passes for both of us. Not a difficult job at all once you made it past the goon blocking the back door. But yet there I stood… and I stood… and I stood there, in the  dark winter night holding all her heavy crap until the  show was over . Without her even coming out even once to check on me or  keep me updated, much less desperately trying trying to get me in.

Had I been a lessor person I would have dumped her car keys down the nearest storm drain after the first two  hours, left her backpack outside the backstage door and headed for home.  Believe me, I considered it. But we had been through so much together over the years I just couldn’t bring myself to do it . So I was still standing there like an idiot five hours later when she finally emerged after the gig  had ended and the dressing rooms were empty of  bands and fans. I was furious as you can imagine. But hey, things happen right?  I was just happy the ordeal was over. So we  headed for the hotel for the ” great party she was taking me to make up for it.”  When we got there I told her “I’m not going anywhere until I get a drink.” I was shaking like a leaf I was still so mad and frozen.   I told her to wait in the lobby , I was just  running into the bar to get a cocktail and would be right back. When I emerged, about three mins later, she had vanished. I presume with whoever promised  her they had some drugs in their room. That was really all she cared about then. Clearly,judging from tonight , our friendship was last on her list of priorities  now.

As the crew and band started to straggle in , it was all Gn’RS guys. Aerosmith refused to stay in the same hotel with them the entire tour so the wouldn’t succumb to temptation . I asked, in fact practically begged  everyone that came in to help me find her, see what room she was in for me so I knew was going on. She was my only way home!  All I got was the brush off .  After the night I had so far I was becoming increasingly more hysterical! How dare she! Not only leave me out of the gig but prevent me from joining in on any fun afterwards either! None of the guys coming in had any interest in helping me. if one of their buddies had a long-legged blonde and a bunch of blow in his bedroom , the last thing they were going to do was ruin his fun.  I was practically in tears by 2 am when a stunningly  beautiful boy with long  copper hair  came in the hotel front door and immediately asked me if I was okay? I said, between sniffles on the verge of becoming sobs “No I certainly am not and explained the story. He listened patiently and then when i had finished he gave me a hug,  put me in a comfy lobby chair and snapped his fingers.


Everyone in the place leaped to attention. He started issuing orders. “YOU… get her another drink, and keep them coming, Charge them to my room. All the rest of you… get on the phone and call every room until you find this bitch. Knock on every door if you have to”  I was  overcome by his kindness after everything I had been through so far and the way I was treated, not just the crew, but my “Best friend in the world.” Once everybody within a mile was following his orders as fast as their asses could  I got out of the chair   and went over to give him a big hug of gratitude. ” Thank you so much. You are the only person who has been a decent human being to me all night. I’m sorry but I didn’t catch your name?” He looked at me as if I had just landed from Mars because the rest of the world knew exactly who he was at a moments glance. He was well on he way to becoming a rock God/Legend. But I hadn’t a clue who he was. Remember I never read the rock news or bought albums or played the radio and I hadn’t not seen the gig that night so I hadn’t seen him sing or had even heard of him or his band . He was dumbstruck. He just said barely managed to say ” I’m Axl”  And then he went  back  to organizing and supervising the Bitchhunt. They never could find her, which i think bothered him more than it did me, because he wasn’t used to not getting whatever he wanted  I was just happy  now that at last someone cared at all  about me.  Eventually everyone wandered off to the party , which I clearly was not invited to, or their respective rooms  so I resigned myself to spending the night and maybe most of the day tomorrow sitting alone in the lobby crying and really regretting I hadn’t tossed her car keys in the sewer and  caught public transport home when I had the chance. And still not knowing I was almost three months pregnant with baby two in one year  I’m sure  that didn’t help the situation or my state of mind much.

Although Axl never said another word to me when everyone else was gone he was still there.  He took a seat at a huge grand piano 20 feet from me. that was placed in the lobby just  for show and began to play beautiful classical piano  and he stayed there until morning. He played from 3 am until 7 am when the hotel restaurant opened for breakfast and  when I had somewhere to go and something to do and public transport had opened again. I don’t think he really knew what to say to me.  So he just kept me company all night there in the empty lobby. Neither of us acknowledging each others presence or saying a word. He was so  incredibly passionate about  and completely absorbed in what he was doing I would never have dreamed of interrupting him. As he performed a private  concert for an audience of one. So i would not have to sit there alone all night. Perhaps it was for him too, Because he humbled instead of idolized, For a change

He  certainly wasn’t going to  say WTF?HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO I AM? and explain it to me. because that what an arrogant asshole would do. And what he did for me no arrogant asshole would have considered.  I didn’t know why he was doing it and I certainly was not going to disturb him to ask. I guess what he did  that night was more important to him than the girls ,drugs and parties waiting upstairs.

Happy birthday Axl. No matter how you look, or what they say about you, I know how kind and beautiful you really are. With Love, The Sherry Fairy



Why would any non- insane middle -aged  woman suddenly  go from sitting home all day every day and doing nothing but writing for almost four years suddenly decide to relive her childhood ?And return to a world she had left  so long ago and so far behind?

A world where she knew you only mattered if you were young and desirable. A place where the men she knew and used to be with when she was a teenager when they were thirty and forty years old  and  had moved on , retired or  were dead ? and the ones still left  were quite likely to either never remember her or ignore her as she watched  these 60 0r even 70 year old men trying to pick up brand-new beautiful 17 year old girls ( and succeeding) Why in the world  was I going to concerts again?

If you had told me three months ago that is precisely what I’ve been doing every week for the last seven months you would think  i had gone mad.

Who would subject themselves to the agony of having become an over- looked by the men in the world where she once  had  once reigned ? No longer the hot beautiful fresh- faced girl , the first to be invited behind the backstage door,  the prize  they competed for,  the one they once fought over who  would be the one  to sweep her off her feet  that night  or carry her away with them like a trophy? knowing now that she was no prize to compete for she was bound to be left outside and always left behind, a  luke- warm piece of once succulent meat.Naught but an old scrap  now to be  tossed out, brushed off,  swept under the rug, hidden away as not to offend the  young and beautiful . To become an invisible woman who no longer  has a purpose for being there or belongs.  This could clearly only  cause nothing but heartache and sadness. Why in the world would anyone do such a stupid, heartbreaking, depressing, demeaning thing?

And even more perplexing Why am i having such a  marvelous time doing it ?

Well, because of people like Robin Zander. And the moments that happen when you least expect them, That make it all worthwhile! Happy Birthday Robin! And Thank you!

2014-05-19 15.10.541

My guess is  its also because its also  just another one of  ridiculous things i’m alway doing for no good reason at all other than i find it fascinating to just do  all kinds of crazy stuff  that most people would think was a terrible idea  just see what  the hell happens!

anyone who has read my memoir Even Rock and Roll has Fairy Tales can attest to that. i’ve been that way my whole life! I seem to have been blessed with an extremely overdeveloped sense of adventure and depending on who you ask i have an overdose of an absurd sense of humor or am just a raging lunatic with the no idea whatsoever what a normal person would do in any situation. And suffer from the absolute worst personality trait of them all, one that just enjoys the hell out of any insane idea i undertake  if for no other reason than curiosity or boredom, no matter how horrible the potential consequences  could be! And usually the worse they are , the funnier i find it, and the better a story i have to bring home for you.

Which is really the most important thing of all and the thing that really matters to me. So here is  a Cheap Trick Story for you.  And why i go to shows.

Besides how could I ever consider myself a storyteller if I didn’t get out there in the world  once and a while and make stories happen?  You have to go hunt them out, sniff them out of the summer breezes, pluck them  from the cosmic winds in a storm, pull them right out of the sky ,always carry a net in case you have to fish  them  out of a muddy rain puddle, capture them on a lazy river, or battle Poseidon to claim them  as yours from the ocean  tides. Check for them under every rock, roof and rosebush and drag them home with you . You have to get out there and look for them  because they sure as hell are not going to drop by your house and come looking for you. Because No  truly great story ever started and finished  with” I put on my pajamas and went to bed at nine pm exactly where i slept soundly all night in my own comfortable bed until morning and then ate a bowl of oatmeal”


Now I have known Cheap Trick longer than any other band in the world. We first met them at 15 and went to see every gig on the east coast we could get to for about 15  more years. Our best friends in the band were Robin and Bun E .


We knew Rick and Tom  but they barely knew us and we never really spent much time with them. When my best friend Shari and i first met Robin he wasn’t that much older than we were and cheap trick was just starting to  get some success. It was only the second band he had ever been in  and he was still stunned that he wasn’t going to wake up the next day  and discover  it was all a dream and he wasn’t still playing in a garage somewhere. I remember  one night the three of us sat in the hotel lobby all night talking. Being with Robin was always like talking to a guy you had spent a whole year  sitting next to in science class with who was mystified  that for some reason he could not comprehend  he had suddenly been elected prom  king. He seemed to have no concept at all of  how incredibly talented he was and my god , such a work of art! So incredibly beautiful inside and out, yet completely unaware of why he of all people would find himself fronting what was becoming a world class band somehow.

The band were all really nice guys and perfect gentlemen, because we were so young(  at least while we were so young, lol) and  after their set one night in largo in some moment of insanity on their parts, when we begged them to take us with them in their van to NYC as they were leaving they said”sure why not?”well , there were about a million reasons you probably shouldn’t take two obviously underage girls with no money  and no plan at all on anyones mind as to  what would be done with them when you got there , after  you brought them on your bus and  on the road with you to NYC it n a spur of the moment  absolutely terrible decision. but i think he whole bunch of them were very naive and inexperienced as well, just learning this whole how to be a rock and roll star thing.  this plan was so insane  that shari and i who had nerves of steel and did whatever we pleased whenever we felt like it actually had to be the voice of reason and chicken out. the first and only time we ever chickened out of anything IN OUR LIVES and bailed off the bus at a gas station in baltimore a good two hour hitchhike from home at midnight.


Over the years we had so much fun with them and they were touring all the time so we saw them a lot! One especially memorable trip i decided to  catch a ride with some friends to NYC just to see Robin and Bun E play the palladium. I ended up at the next show a few days later in Buffalo as well . I  was standing alone in the dressing room and Rick entered with the most hideous troll i have ever seen in my life. wild white hair and skin so pales it was almost translucent. he was short and scrawny and had huge purple bursting zits all over his face. Rick said to me, and not in his usual genial tone” Show us your tits” and i must admit i was dumbfounded. He had never talked to me before like that. so i snarled the word NO.  Then took my seat in the audience for the show. Many years later i opened a copy of a People magazine  and there was the troll! It was Andy Warhol. Ii still wonder to this day how my life might have changed overnight, how much i must have missed out on! The adventures that may have come! The fortune and fame! the wacky adventures and shenanigans  that may have ensued! If i had just that once in my life , had the good sense to show Andy Warhol my tits! lol It certainly explained why Rick was trying to show off! And a year ago i found a picture from that night on Bun E s facebook page!


After the infamous sherry and shari had  seen them  probably a hundred times , we both stopped going to concerts and moved on with our lives. i still went to the shows but with my family and never backstage. I hadnt seen them to talk  to them  for at least 20-25 years until i decided to get a ticket for this gig and decided to try to say hello. Just for the hell of it. Unfortunately that month my whole family was having pneumonia and i had just started to cough so i thought it best NOT to go down early for the meet and greet and breathe all over the band.

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So i sat in the audience, took some terrible pics then called my daughter to pick me up after the show. but old habits die hard so i arranged for her to pick me up where the bands bus was. just in case anything interesting happened before she got there.  And it did!

Rick and Tom came out and were as charming as ever and i spoke to them momentarily.  even  though ,at that moment, at least they couldn’t recall at all who i was.


Then as the bus was revving up to go finally, all wrapped up for the cold weather even though it was august, and with a burly bodyguard that  he was walking behind close enough so that whenever he felt the need to cough it was all over the back of the guys shirt, so I figured he was fighting  some sort of flu too HERE CAME ROBIN!

I started the same speech i had used on the other two. ” Hey i bet you don’t remember but i used to come to all your shows thirty years ago with my friend.. and before i could say it he said OH MY GOD its Sherry from Sherry and Shari! I would have known you anywhere!”

The poor guy looked like he had seen a ghost! it was so adorable. and we went to give each other an awkward” dont breathe on me im sick ” sort of hug and all he could do is just keeping his head  back and forth saying… “sherry and shari … sherry and shari. i just cant believe it. i cant believe it” and then the body guard rushed him up the steps to the bus and they were gone.

It may not sound like much, but those are the moments that make make me smile and make it all worthwhile

And you better believe next time they come back I will be certain to get to that Meet and Greet.

So Happy Birthday Robin  from  your old friend 50 percent of Sherry and Shari! I knew you would remember! See you next year



Awaken At  10 AM . Do not feel guilty for not doing Any writing today! You couldn’t sleep until 3 am Anyway and Todd is playing tonight! Allright!!!

Before going downstairs  Be sure  to Bring your  fav glasses. You are going to need those for the Birchmere! But first you must sign on faceBook  and spend all  morning Babbling on … and on… and on.. about Being there.  Being ruthless about un-friended-ing  those who Bitch Because they have Been hearing about this Big gig  so many times Before. And how great Ringo and Todd and Co had Been at Wolf Trap And Todd  had Been in London doing AWATS and  have Become sick  and tired of your Bragging  and Bringing up the subject  AGAIN . Begone ya Bastards. Ba wa hahaha!  Block away!

Can no longer contain your excitement? ( Compared to earlier when you were Calm and under Control) Unbox  new Camera. Remember to be Cautious and  put extra fully Charged batteries in Cute  Clutch! you so Clever .  you the Champ!

Dick around all Day until about 2:30  when you  really must Dash to catch the 3:10  bus from  North Dumflucks Md to  South Dumflucks Va. on Damn public transport.( Stupid DMV) in order to get there by 5- 6 pm to get a semi-Decent seat . No problem!  Dressed, Dyed , Drip Dried and all Dolled up! And already ready, right on time, to Depart!

Except where did  you leave  your glasses this time Eh? The worst thing about getting Elderly is when you don’t have your glasses on you cant Even see to Examine where they Even went (  that, and having to watch porn with only your glasses on) Unless if  you can  still rock The Erotic Executive , Every Once and Awhile. EYOW!

Fuck. found glasses. With Foot. Must un-Flatten them, Find lens, Fit it back in and Find twist tie to replace that tiny Fiddly little screw that always Falls out because the Frames mangled except now you want it out the  Frigging thing wont budge until you Find one of those itty bitty little  Frame screw drivers and its your lucky day but its not a Phillips head and you know you had some twist ties just last night by the Fridge  but now they are completely Freaking gone and… Fortune frowns on you,  for you miss  3:10  bus to…

Germantown Transit Center in Md! for Another fabulous trip to a Gig  a Gagillion miles away , on our Godawful DC public transport! This time to Virginia, on the marvelous Metrorail. Take a few pics  to try out brand new cam. Realize that all the fresh batteries you Got do you no Good if there is no Goddamn 2 GB picture card .Wait! Remember you still have old cam  in bag, Thank Goodness ! Does it have big  Gig card ? or is that Gone  into laptop ? Got it? GREAT!  Remind yourself you’re  a Genius. Document  entire  journey for benefit of  future Generations and humanity and to figure out what all those little button -thingys and  mysterious settings are in the daylight so your not Going  to have to jiggle with it during pitch dark Gig. See? What did I tell you? You’re  a Genuine Genius,  and  Gorgeous as well.  Who needs Google maps?

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Hey , HOTSHOT.  Haven’t  remembered to Have your ticket printed out at Home, Have you?  Hope you Have credit card you Had paid with. HAPPY DAY!  Hell, Have a seat, if  any left.  Holy Crap, that was a close call. HAVE A DRINK. Or have a Whole lot of them!

Its Possible! It is found! The Ideal seat for ONE! With an Interesting couple of INTENSE TODD FANS and a guy from just down the Interstate In your town. Who probably Is not a Serial Killer. Who Immediately extends an Invite to accept a free  ride home with him! INCREDIBLE!  Its like  a miracle.  Unless. of course,  Instead,  you end up dead. Isn’t that those  two kids  from Buster Poindexter In August In the very next seats? Instantly they recognize you ! Interested In if you are going to Ian Hunter? Is their ANY doubt? Odds of Co-Incidence ? Almost Inconceivable! Ice cold tequila Sunrise In hand. Its all good.

Keep it down in the back, buddy! The lights are going down! AND COMING UP!

LOOK OUT!  Here they come! From the very start Todd has you LYAO. The stories, the set list? what set list? the starting and stopping mid- song to start over again, two maybe three times. its completely loony. Todd has completely  lost  his mind with this show.  And its one of the most amazing gigs ive ever seen.  And I’ve seen lots.

More like being at a rehearsal than a show at some moments , then suddenly times when  the sheer genius of these master musicians professionalism and experience  just blows your mind.  the music, madness , mirth , mayhem, mistakes, mysteries, magic,  memories,  moving you, body heart and soul.

Nothing in the world like anything I’ve ever seen before . Nobody else would have come up with it .  Nobody could do it better.

Only Todd could do That, the way he did.  There’s Only One Todd.

Pics are pretty  PFFFFT.  Just practicing really. Pretty awful. Discover after first few Pics new  cam  takes worse Photos of gigs than old one. I’m no Photographer, but I  am pleased I seem to be getting better, it  isn’t possible to be worse . It’s just Point and shoot. You should see the first few tries! Pathetic


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Quite close to done

Ready to wrap it up.

So  there it is. The Incomparable


Unbelievable! TOO TOO MUCH FUN

Very nice of you to make it  all the way to the end ( if you did  lol) Thank you

Was it worth it? I hope so . the gig certainly WAS! Wasn’t it? But Todd always is, isn’t he?

Xcellent  Show! That is all I have left to say

You are now free to go LOL and I’m  starting to yawn( You? We have been doing  that since about letter D.As in,  Do you ever STOP?) I am now, I promise!LOL It’s close to 11 am.  Can you believe this took Yours truly 12 hours to write? Unfortunately for You,  I bet You can lol