All the beautiful art for my book and webpage was done for me by my dear friend Donna. if you want to know more about this fabulous lady and her work  you can read all about her at

Please drop by facebook  and see  what shes been dreaming up for us . For Donna everyday is Halloween

Original Fairy Art by Donna Antonucci. Fantasy Illustrator


73266_400086613401635_1764606561_n  I know I’ve been too busy working to spend any time here, but I’m too tired to sleep and to excited to go to bed !  It’s only a few days now until my memoir is on the virtual shelf, believe me when it is I will be posting  the link to buy it everywhere!

But until then ,what does is semi crazed, totally dazed girl to do? blog (45)[3]  Enjoy being ablog (10)[3]  for awhile, when they are bigger than you they don’t need so much MOMMING

Take a trip?  blog (2)  watch a movie? blog (8) and try to  blog (18)[3]  and maybe

blog (77)[3]well , maybe not QUITE that much blog (12)[3] take up  musical instrument ? blog (21)[3] though with me they are less a instrument of music than they are of torture, and I think the cops would be round even faster!

No, none of that Sherry    I’m afraid its all 1184504qjq2bhtiib     and plenty of this  blog (59)[3]

and then lots of these!blog (31)[3] maybe a FEW of These blog (4) Lord knows you kept the local liquor store in business writing this thing!

So for now I’m just  having a heart attack blog (63)[3] waiting for the news that its finally in the stores!  blog (81)[3]

So all my  millions… thousands?.. hundreds? of adoring fans… (okay, would you believe one creepy dude hiding in the bushes out side my house? )  Who have

been waiting their whole lives for this very moment will finally  be lining up in droves blog (87)[5]blog (87)[9]blog (87)[13]blog (87)[7]blog (87)[11]blog (87)[15]blog (87)[17]

in order to borrow it from the library  favs (7)   Who cares? its been a labor of love and  quite a ride

favs (79)[3]  and who knows? favs (49)[3]  It may all  just be starting !  No telling what will happen?

freaky (107)[3] once the wine gets spilled? freaky (73)[3]  “But its my life

and I will do what I like!”  A wise man once sang.

And fascinating things always happen when you take  the risk of exposing yourself freaky (45)[3] Its my philosophy!

The best  (or the worst) may be yet to come! Whatever happens next…

The one thing I don’t think going to be is boring! freaky (46)[3]

Well,  freaky (67)[3] for now. Be sure and say Hi if you get the notion! its gonna be a rough nother couple of days! LOL

“I will whisper secrets in your ear
just nod yes and be silent.
A soul moon
appeared in the path of my heart.
How precious is this journey.”

Shine like the whole universe is yours.~Rumii♥

“Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.”

What a day today.
There are two Suns rising…. !
What a day
Not like any other day.
The Light is shining in your HEART….
The wheel of life has stopped.O you
who can see
into your own HEART….
What a day,
This is your day.

The Shiny Happy Sherry Original Fairy art  by Donna Antonucci

We sleep in God’s unconsciousness.
We wake in God’s open hand.

“I come to YOU without ME, come to ME without YOU.”