There is some debate as to whether Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957) was actually born on Christmas day but let’s go with the perverse premise that he was.

I have been late in writing about this major star principally because he was not a very show bizzy type of guy and had no track record in the variety theatre, our original bailiwick. And I have refrained from writing too much about noir and crime films (although I love them) because so many other bloggers write about this stuff and again because I simply have other priorities. Even as an actor, Bogart’s thing is not the sort of thing I can identify with or “do”. In Key Largo, I’d want to be Lionel Barrymore; In The Maltese Falcon,Sydney Greenstreet; in Casablanca,Claude Rains. It’s a different skill set, even a different way of being.

And yet Bogart was probably…

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Hurry up with those dancing girls! The  crowd is getting ugly!

If you think the crowd is ugly wait until you see the dancing girls


Sorry I’ve been out of sight so long but i have been moving house for the last two months. And believe me , no matter how big or small the house is, moving it , and everything in it, is really hard on the wings lol But now im settled in to my wonderful new forever home I am ready for more adventures So hope to see you again very soon!