1221415m7r86xrus2 well , probably not perfection but certainly closer to it 1376115g2jecw6tos then i am now !

first i got a grip on the whole food thing 307150p1kybn59fr and now i think I’m getting the hang of the whole supplement thing.125319mx6l0uhtu2 And though i didn’t get to the gym everyday 102754uojqkhq3ho like my goal  for next week, i got there! and worked out566015ybfpap75g1 HARD  three times this week! and i haven’t cheated ONCE! 1017465kzi5fiy18s I’m going to go with the fresh fruit and veg 665830nixdbnpr7n diet instead of Atkins, and that’s so easy to screw up,  those carbs 654419x65ox1l62j add up fast, but if i dont see some real results by next friday 12893cm its right back to the steak and cream 12342u7 and eggs with the good Dr…

Walking at last five a day  6605x1o6f7kxvx followed by a not- so- quick dip,718176tpt8h51xzm counting my laps this time…  if i could get up tomorrow and hit the road street  first thing after the smallish boy 207603gb68ywm1k7 gets up and goes to school 1757798wopuhe2uzt


all will be right with the world,  1308910h433iqshu3 i can even go in the evening 306484w7n7tpto4w for yoga if i have to! 32294wlh8yeaaqn2 before you know it

i will be back to my ole evil self 422304bbg73mfhl9 NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION!

but you  can retrace your steps. and see the mark you made. funny how you can affect others lives without even knowing it.  with a blink of your eye you can change the world. the people who i remembered the most, were not the people that i touched , the people that touched me.

but i did matter , i was there, there were people looking for me, people that’s lives were a part of mine, that were  happy to see me. people who wanted me to remember them, because they remembered me . they knew me before i knew myself.  and reminded me who i was and where i came from.

i was a lot cooler then i thought i guess. how did that happen?  I’m one step closer to knowing, after seeing myself through their eyes. if only i knew then what i know now. it seems you traverse this universe  so all alone, or so you think, but you carry so much more with you then you ever knew .

it can weigh you down, or be your anchor.

sail on , sail on sailor


  • “The entire fruit is already present in the seed.”