Eric Burdon & The Animals perform Leonard Cohen’s “In My Secret Life” in Germany, 2004. The song can be found on My Secret Life (2004), Burdon’s first solo album release with new titles in nearly 16 years. Originally posted November 14, 2011 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric via Video: Eric Burdon Covers Leonard Cohen’s In […]

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There is some debate as to whether Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957) was actually born on Christmas day but let’s go with the perverse premise that he was.

I have been late in writing about this major star principally because he was not a very show bizzy type of guy and had no track record in the variety theatre, our original bailiwick. And I have refrained from writing too much about noir and crime films (although I love them) because so many other bloggers write about this stuff and again because I simply have other priorities. Even as an actor, Bogart’s thing is not the sort of thing I can identify with or “do”. In Key Largo, I’d want to be Lionel Barrymore; In The Maltese Falcon,Sydney Greenstreet; in Casablanca,Claude Rains. It’s a different skill set, even a different way of being.

And yet Bogart was probably…

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Once upon a time a fairy fell head over high heels for Eric Burdon in "Even Rock and Roll has Fairy Tales"" by best selling new Author Sherry Carroll

The True Story Of The Fake Zombies, The Strangest Con In Rock History

In 1969, the Zombies had a huge hit single, despite having broken up two years earlier. To meet the unexpected demand, one promoter did the only sensible thing: Hire four kids from Texas to tour America pretending to be a defunct British psych-rock band.

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By Steve Newton

I watched that recently released documentary on Mick Ronson, Beside Bowie, the other day, and it inspired me to digitize another snippet off my first interview with Ronno, from 1988.

You’re welcome, fellow Ronson freaks!

The conversation happened on September 9, ’88, in advance of a show by the Hunter-Ronson Band at Vancouver’s 86 Street Music Hall. At that moment in music history the two British rock legends were reconnecting for a project that would eventually spawn the awesome YUI Orta album of 1989.

Holy crap did I love both those guys! I loved Ronson’s work with Bowie, and I loved Hunter’s work with Hoople. But I especially loved them together. I stand by my statement that Ronson’s lead break on Hunter’s “Once Bitten Twice Shy” is the greatest guitar solo of all time.

At one point in the interview I asked Mick–who would tragically succumb…

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