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Not a particularly remarkable name for quite an unusual young lady.

But that’s the only  Un Remarkable thing about our Gracie!

Before she gets everything her hard headed, tough talking, soft heart desires (and once you have met the Amazing Gracelynn you will have no doubt there’s any other option) She will have danced from kiddie beauty pageants to Broadway, on tables for dollars, and in diamonds (and not much else) for Rock and Roll Royalty and her way right into your heart! She will marry well, but go through hell, live and love hard, both hot and cold men with fortune and fame and sweet pretty boys with neither and will not be stopped until she has reached the very top!   READ FOR FREE


Sorry dude but yer street cred is all gone now. I’m afraid the thug life is no longer for you. I guess you are going to have to become a Dr or teacher or something . But if you are really keen on a life of crime you could always become a lawyer, a banker, a politicion, or the head of a major corporation


I refuse to believe it ! Lemmy is clearly indestructible!  He proved it to me the day we found ourselves trapped in an extremely small pitch black coat closet, all alone, for over three hours.  As you do.

Under extremely “stressful” circumstances. Any lessor men would have puked all over the front row and/or passed out, died or even (shudder) given in and checked into REHAB! Rather than perform immediately after the following events!

It all began when he quite cleverly lured me into a 3 by 3 foot janitors mop closet in a remote area of the backstage using only a mirror and a cheeky wink. Knowing young girls are naturally attracted to bright shiny objects I was helpless to do anything but follow. After squeezing our way in and having a lovely time for a half  hour or so  considering we  only  had a hand mirror to keep us amused ( even though we were completely unable to move at all as it was about the size of an average phone booth)  Unfortunately,  the woman he had flown in at great expense from very far away for that evenings gig eventually discovered our whereabouts and began to scream , pound and kick  the door with all her might and intended to do so until we emerged, which was clearly an extremely bad idea under the circumstances. We whispered and giggled and did the only thing we had room to do. Continue to play with our mirror. The first few hours were tremendously entertaining and enjoyable. Hour three with no apparent relief or rescue party in sight or destined to appear, were not so much. But one had to admire her strength, determination and stamina! Eventually as it became closer and closer to show time a search party was dispatched and at long last we were found! She was ejected from the premises and we were free!  If he could perform after that he is clearly immortal. I couldn’t sleep for four days. LONG LIVE LEMMY!
Motorhead were forced to cancel an appearance in Brazil after frontman Lemmy took ill. Motorhead are scheduled to play in Curitiba, Brazil, on Tuesday (April 28) and in Porto Alegre, also in Brazil, on Thursday (April 30). It is not yet clear whether Lemmy will be fit for the shows.

The singer/bass player had to pull out of Saturday’s scheduled appearance at Monsters Of Rock in Arena Anhembi, Sao Paulo, as he was struck down with stomach problems and dehydration.

Lemmy is undergoing tests in hospital and Motorhead’s slot was filled by a jam session involving guitarist Phil Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee along with guests including Andreas Kisser and Derrick Green of Sepultura.

In a statement, festival organisers say: “Monsters Of Rock regrets to inform the public that Motorhead will not be able to carry out the performance scheduled for tonight.

“The lead singer Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister, this morning suffered a serious gastric disorder, followed by dehydration. Lemmy has already had tests and been initially medicated, but on medical orders is unable to be present.”

Lemmy spent much of 2013 recuperating from a series of health setbacks which included several weeks in hospital after he suffered internal bleeding. He’d earlier been fitted with a defibrillator to deal with heart problems.

In October 2014, he revealed how he was “close to death” during his last round of surgery. The health worries forced him to clean up his lifestyle.

Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne are also on the bill for Monsters Of Rock.

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Once upon a time a fairy fell head over high heels for Eric Burdon in "Even Rock and Roll has Fairy Tales"" by best selling new Author Sherry Carroll

A recent interview with Eric Burdon of The Animals as seen on the television show “Hello Paradise”. Very candid and lots of fun. Eric talks about drugs and Rock n Roll.

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Stonehenge Stone Circle News and Information

A leaked report has revealed that English Heritage intend to move the Stones from the current location closer to the new visitor centre. Visitors currently have to travel some 2km by land train to the Stone Circle and it makes perfect commercial sense to make the monument more accessible to visitors. All plans are subject to approved planning permission

The Heritage Lottery could help fund moving the Stones The Heritage Lottery could help fund moving the Stones

A recent customer survey also revealed that 95% of 2014 visitors ‘agree’ or strongly agree’ that it would be a better experience if the Stones were closer to the souvenir shop, toilets, cafe and museum. This would also reduce carbon footprint and save valuable sightseeing time.

Local archaeologists support the idea and would give archaeological evidence as to how the Stones were moved in the first place. They would use ancient skills and technologies and could utilise the volunteers from the Neolithic…

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