Being a writer is like having homework every day for the rest of your life

and you are both the student and  the teacher . 

I have a really hard time with self-imposed deadlines.

but i every day I put off on step in the progress adds up and the next thing you know so much time has passed  you are hopelessly behind on your original  plan and writing a book takes a plan.

so i’m  going to make a written plan with SPECIFIC self-deadlines and STOP  putting things off until it’s too late



The news of Peter Frampton’s condition, a degenerative muscle disease called inclusion body myositis, and announced by Frampton himself on February 23, 2019, is of course bitter news made bearable by the fact he’s not dead, but will just be slowing down some. Those blisteringly fast and sublimely melodic solos that he has created during […]

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Hair that snatches your wig! In this post, we’re looking at the many hairstyles of classic rock and my favourites and inspirations.

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Stop saying you don’t have time to write .

You have the exact same number of hours in the day as Einstein, Shakespeare, Gandhi, AOC, Ruth Badder Ginsburg, Michelangelo, Robin Williams, Carrie Fisher, Ben Franklin, Fred Astaire and Aristotle .

The problem is you THINK you will always have time later .

And there are no guarantees in life, not even to life.  


I wanted to start on January first but of course something came up to distract me.  It seems to happen all the time these days.  So I set a simple goal. 

One that I knew I should be able to consistently meet  Starting TODAY i will post at least one writing inspiration every day.

I chose this one today because I am afraid.

That this is not who  am anymore. 

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